01 November 2014

Bias & Prejudice In Academia

The discussion at Professor Jimmy Price's Civil War blog over the controversy stemming from Kevin Levin's post continues. Professor Price mentions Dr. GeorgeYancey, whom I've posted about before.

One commenter at Levin's blog makes this rather astonishing claim in response to the bias against Christians in academia:

The fallacies within that comment are so obvious as to be a time-waster to even discuss. Regardless, those interested in the topic of religious bias against Christians in academia will find this presentation by Professor Yancey quite interesting and enlightening; as well as troubling - but not all that surprising; at least not so to me. But the debate as to whether or not this situation exists is over. Those within academia who continue to deny this is a real problem are either complicit or willfully ignorant and in being so, they perpetuate it.

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