28 November 2014

Metal Detecting Post #120 - Culpeper 2014 & Farriers

Here are some of my better finds from a recent Civil War relic hunt. We hunted what was a dug in Union camp near Culpeper, Virginia. Many of the finds indicate that the camp was occupied by a number of farriers and the army's mules and horses. I found quite a few mule shoes and others did as well, along with a lot of curry combs. These are some of my more interesting finds: A pair of farrier's nippers, a broken set of brass calipers for map reading/making (or possibly used as farrier toe calipers/dividers), a US rosette from a bridle bit, rein end, musket ball, a complete Eagle button, part of another, several button backs, a rivet with some of the leather still attached, a horseshoe nail, a square nail, and 3 unidentified pieces that may be saddle or accoutrement related. The nippers will be cleaned back down to clean metal before displaying. I've got some more iron pieces I'll post later.

Union Army farriers shoeing horses at Antietam.

Union Army farriers.

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