29 November 2014

Metal Detecting Post #121 - Gold In Them Hills

And there's fire on the mountain, lightnin' in the air
Gold in them hills and it's waitin' for me there ~ Toy Caldwell

As I mentioned in my previous post, I spent a couple of days last week with 50 other men metal detecting a dug in Union Army camp near Culpeper, Virginia. One of the most interesting finds was a period, solid gold locket. Unfortunately, there wasn't a photograph inside of it, though even if it were, it probably would not have survived it's 150-year sleep in the ground. The find was particularly poignant to me in that it was found the week before Thanksgiving and had "Dec 25" inscribed on one side indicating it was either a Christmas present from a loved one or, maybe, intended for one.The other side was inscribed with period, script style initials. I believe the gentleman who made the recovery is attempting to identify the soldier who lost the locket.

Yours truly examining the gold locket in the field with my loupe.

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