02 December 2014

A Milestone Not Unnoticed Here

Kevin Levin points out the fact that South Carolina Senator Tim Scott's milestone achievement has largely gone unnoticed (or, more accurately, intentionally ignored) by a certain crowd. A valid observation, though I think there's more than Scott's party affiliation behind his being dissed by ruling class elites and the left. Senator Scott is also a born-again Christian and Tea Party favorite - anathema to the left. But the milestone did not go unnoticed here. I posted something on this in 2012.

It's good to see other folks catching up. 

And, for those interested, there were actually a number of other "milestones" in the recent November election. For example:
Last week’s midterm elections were a collective milestone in the history of the party of Lincoln. In direct contradiction to the notion that the Republican Party is predominantly older, white and male, this election cycle yielded a new crop of Republicans with a highly diverse array of backgrounds, experiences and 
demographic characteristics. 
Take, for instance, the election of Mia Love, who will take office in Washington this January while laying claim to a number of historic firsts: the first Haitian-American to serve in Congress, the first black Republican woman to serve in Congress and Utah’s first black representative in Congress. In her victory speech, Love commented on how her election defies the claims of many in the national political scene, who suggested that there was no way an African-American woman could win office in Utah, a state where 91 percent of the population is white.
More here.

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