08 December 2014

Metal Detecting Post #123 - A Bunch Of Bullets ~ Part II

Such avocational historians have not used the metal detector as a tool for looting sites or for monetary gain but instead have, in many cases, gathered and documented the location of their finds in a way that revealed the archaeological nature of vast sites . . . In fact, in many instances, if not for the work of these individuals who have shared their knowledge and worked with members of the professional community, evidence of significant military actions would have been lost to the consuming "progress" that has shaped the landscape of many towns and communities since the 1950's ~ From the introduction of From These Honored Dead.


RightsideVA said...

Pretty work Richard!!!
Headed up to NJ next week for some underwater search for bottles and whatever the river gives up !!!

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks! Let me know how you do Steve.