09 December 2014

More From Wackydemia - The Tea Party Are Like The Nazis

No, please don't tell anyone I don't have control over. We wouldn't want your parents (who pay my salary) to know about the garbage I'm filling your minds with.

And there's more. The student who recorded this accuses this "educator" of an anti-Christian bias:
“it’s very easy to see that he has a vendetta against Republicans and religion with an emphasis on Christianity.”
And this student correctly points out: 
“it’s wrong for him to use his position as a soap box for his beliefs, especially with young, impressionable students.” 
Right, but these folks don't do real well when they actually have to defend their beliefs with someone older and not so impressionable. Young impressionable minds which depend on the authority figure for a passing grade are low-hanging fruit, ripe for the picking. Unless, of course, the fruit records them. More here.

Of course, this comes as no surprise or shock. This whole attitude is systemic in academia. It's been documented over and over again, as in this talk given by Professor George Yancey titled "Anti-Christian Bias in Academia and Beyond":

And we've even seen the discussion and accusations spill over onto other Civil War blogs:
It is unfortunate that Christians are increasingly lampooned as science-hating mindless sycophants who have no place in a discussion about history. I’m not implying that that is what Levin was going for, but the feeding frenzy that ensued shows that he certainly left the door open for what passes as civil discourse nowadays. ~ Professor Jimmy Dick
Suffice it to say that the bias deniers who populate the latest version of the Flat-Earth Society only look more and more foolish with each denial. The gig is up and has been for quite some time.

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