22 December 2014

National Review Points Finger At "Academicians" Over Violence Against NYPD

Update: National Review weighs in with more culpability for academia:
A view of the West as enemy is cultivated in universities across the country as the cutting edge of moral thinking, with full rein given to a very un-academic manner of speech, replete with the colorful language of vilification. From these heights, the same attitudes inevitably seep into other venues, including textbooks for much younger students. The bulk of journalists and teachers do not believe in the full range of anti-Western ideology, but they accept it as an orienting guide. It is the only moral doctrine that they have heard with any frequency since they made it into the world of the talking classes. It is the only normative system they hear that makes demands on them with any vigor. They have nearly forgotten the quaint *notions they were brought up on as children, such as conscience before society, or guilt for having failed society; they have settled into a subculture where “conscience” is reduced to conscience against society and aggressive accusations about society’s guilt. And so, on issue after issue, year after year, the media speak in a language of blaming the West and identifying with anger against the West.
*And, I would add, American Exceptionalism.

End of update.
Yes, the responsibility for the assassinations of two NYPD officers lies with the individual who pulled the trigger.

That said, it’s no coincidence that the first execution of NYC police officers in years occurred on the heels of a months-long orgy of incendiary rhetoric from our political leaders, academicians, community agitators, and members of the media . . .
More here. Interesting, isn't it, when you juxtapose the video below (and reality) against these (just one example out of many) false accusations from 2009 at the History News Network:
We’ve seen a lot of the “Tea Party” protesters in recent weeks. . . .They seem, indeed, determined to whip the like-minded into a frenzy bordering on violence.

NYC protesters chant for dead cops December 2014

They got what they wanted, didn't they? For 12 years, I served as a Magistrate for the Commonwealth of Virginia. I had the honor of working with some of the finest individuals in law enforcement one could ever hope to meet; men (and women) who are underpaid for putting their lives on the line every time they put on a badge. Many of them are still my friends. I've also known officers callously killed in the line of duty. And I'm seething with anger right now. I am therefore restraining myself from much more I'd like to say about this whole topic, particularly when it comes to "academicians." So please note that I'm making no editorial commentary here. Just quoting others. Draw your own conclusion. But I do think it's very easy to see which side of the aisle is guilty of whipping "the like-minded into a frenzy."


ropelight said...

Sow the wind and reap the whirlwind: it may not be textbook cause and effect, but no one can deny that "A" follows "B" like day follows night.

Obama, Holder, Sharpton, and de Blasio didn't pull the triggers in New York City but they sure as hell plowed the ground and sowed the seeds.

You can't put bullets in a gun and then pretend you didn't know it was loaded.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

"it may not be textbook cause and effect"

You're right, but these folks' worldview and perspective did not create the ideology that promotes this kind of violence against the rule of law - that ideology created them. And the source of much of that ideology is what angers me so much.

Note that after every school shooting or mass murder, the left immediately starts pointing fingers at the NRA, the Tea Party, talk radio, etc, etc. It's a false narrative 180 degrees out of phase.

ropelight said...

The hate mongers chanting for the death of cops in the linked video appears to number only 5 or 6 dozen or so isolated demagogues and malcontents, and to be curiously splintered off from the main demonstration march.

The video was taken from above 32nd Street between 5th and Madison, well outside the confines of the planned protest route.

This shadowy group of professional communist agitators represents TMOC, (the NY Chapter of the Trayvon Martin Organizing Committee). Their slogan is Turn Up the Anger, and they're intent on hijacking the protest movement in order to foment violent confrontation. These are the same people who show up at Ferguson and Occupy events to cause trouble.

They were behind the Brooklyn Bridge assault on the cops and they're determined to pit deluded protesters against police authority, and co-conspirators de Blasio and Sharpton are playing right into their diabolical hands,
de Blasio to provoke the cops and Sharpton to provoke the demonstrators.

It has the potential to become a perfect storm.