20 December 2014

We Could Not Have A General Patton Today

I'm currently reading Patton: Blood, Guts, and Prayer. I'm enjoying the book very much as it focuses on an aspect of Patton's life that interests me, but I do wish it was a bit more in-depth. Regardless, I would still recommend it to anyone interested in military history and the life of General George S. Patton. Patton's familial ties to Confederate veterans is quite fascinating (Chapter One is titled, "Ghosts of the Confederacy") and had a significant impact on his view of history, as well as his role it it. (An extremely important and influential factor, despite what some think.) Patton's great-grandmother once wrote, "I am crying because I have only seven sons left to fight the Yankees."

As I had pointed out in a previous post, Patton was a serious student of military history. He believed (as I do), that the best way to study and learn history is by reading biographies, as he noted in a letter to his son:
To be a successful soldier you must know history. Read it objectively–dates and even the minute details of tactics are useless. What you must know is how man reacts. Weapons change but man who uses them changes not at all. To win battles you do not beat weapons–you beat the soul of man of the enemy man. To do that you have to destroy his weapons, but that is only incidental. You must read biography and especially autobiography.
One observation by the author that jumped out at me was a comment that someone like Patton could not exist in today's American military. (Due to political correctness and the feminization of our military.) What a shame. We could sure use one.

Here's a recent video from the American Heroes YouTube Channel which, among other things, explains how Patton earned his moniker "Old Blood & Guts."


Chris Johnson said...

Love Patton and great military leader.

I disagree, though on the comment about never another leader like Patton. Leaders like Patton, don't let PC get in their way, PC tends to work for them.

Take a look at this article on General Mattis. http://www.military1.com/army/article/461498-general-mattis-next-mission-destroying-the-ptsd-victim-myth

As a former Marine and even at age 47, I would follow this guy to hell and back.

Merry Christams...

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hey Chris. Yes, General Mattis seems cut from the same cloth. I just don't know how something like Patton pissin' in the Rhine River would go over today.