25 January 2015

"All Of My Heroes Lost" ~ Sons of Bill

"Growing up, all of my heroes lost,” Wilson said. “That’s who I was taught to respect and honor, the people who lose at the end. From the Scots at Culloden to William Wallace to Robert E. Lee, even Jesus – all your heroes die at the end." ~ Musician James Wilson, Sons of Bill
For those interested, the Sons of Bill are the actual sons of University of Virginia Professor William Wilson, PhD. Dr. Wilson also serves on the board of the Abbeville Institute. He's also Director of Graduate Studies at the Jefferson Scholars Foundation. And here's an interesting quote pulled from the same article as the quote above:
They know they’re the sons of a theologian and revered professor at one of the South’s finest intellectual institutions. They get it. Maybe that’s why after spending an hour being pressed on what makes them – or doesn’t make them – a Southern band, they’re apt to send you a snapshot of one of them holding a Stars and Bars license tag in some rural route truck stop.
And some of you think you know the South. Does this mean they're part of the "manure" crowd?


Unknown said...

Let's hope the anti-federalists are among James Wilson's heros who lost. SOB is a fantastic band now touring Europe. Very smart and literate songwriting - Faulkner, homer and fishing are all well represented in their latest record, Love and Logic.

Brady Campbell
Richmond, Virginia

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yes, I believe James Wilson teaches a class on Faulkner at UVA, doesn't he?