05 January 2015

Civil War Blogger Reviews The Battle of Waynesboro

Civil War blogger Matthew Bartlett reviews my latest book . . .
The books chapters create a sectionalized work which creates an ease of reading for many.  This work is also supplied by a great amount of pictures which have been submitted by the author from his vast collection.  These images help readers for a greater understanding of the narrative.  By using a chapter each for both the Union and Confederate side of battle, there is an ease of the narrative instead of attempting to place both sides of the conflict into one chapter.  The battle itself is very well written and is well supplemented with official reports, letters and primary sources which show the incredible research which Williams has put into this work.  He also supplements the work with period maps.  The book ends with an aftermath look into the Battle of Waynesboro and the town to this day including the legacy of the battle.
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