15 January 2015

Maybe West Virginia Made The Right Move In 1861

Well, Virginians now have a former Republican Governor headed to jail and a current Democrat legislator getting re-elected to office from jail.
Former Gov. Bob McDonnell was sentenced to two years in federal prison Tuesday. McDonnell, 60, thanked the court for its mercy and apologized to Virginia. He also insisted again that he broke no law. (Source.)
Then why apologize Mr. McDonnell?
And . . . 
Disgraced Delegate Joe Morrissey won a special election Tuesday to reclaim a seat he relinquished after agreeing to a plea deal concerning his relationship with a 17-year-old minor. His overnight stays in jail didn’t prevent the former Democrat, an outspoken liberal, from defeating both Republican and Democrat opponents. (Source.)
Kinda hard to feel sorry for McDonnell - particularly when I recall his promise to voters "not to raise taxes" if elected. He then signed the largest tax increase in Virginia history. As far as I'm concerned, he deserves jail for that. As for Morrissey, well, his record speaks for itself.

And to top it all off, we replaced McDonnell with Eddie Haskell. I'm beginning to think West Virginia made the right move in 1861.

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Eddie said...

Maybe the votes from West(ern) Virginia would counter balance the votes from northern Virginia which ensure the elections of people like McAuliffe.