04 February 2015

"All American Culture Stems From Southern Culture"

Of course, I've made that observation here before. But some folks who claim to be experts on Southern Culture, really don't have a clue. (See here, here and here.)

But most of us in the South do get it, as evidenced by this recent Tuscaloosa News article demonstrates. Here's some of the more interesting quotes from the article:
It's often claimed all American culture stems from Southern culture, with its wide-spreading, moss-dripping branches. Music thought of as American — jazz, blues, country, bluegrass, rock, R&B, soul, funk, gospel, zydeco and Appalachian folk — either arose directly from or flourished in the South.
And . . . 
“There were 14 Southerners who won Pulitzers in literature between 1933 and '77; that was 40 percent of all the awards given,” said Flynt, professor emeritus in the history department at Auburn University. Flynt will be performing Friday and Saturday with his former student, acclaimed singer-songwriter Kate Campbell, at Theatre Tuscaloosa, celebrating the interlocking threads among Southern literature, music, religion, politics and more. “So a region of the country that had one-fourth of the population, and one-third of its poverty, produced 40 percent of its most acclaimed writers. The South had a sort of headlock on that prize,” said Flynt, an Anniston native.

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