05 March 2015

Elite Know-Nothings & "Anti-Intellectualism"

We hear quite a bit coming from elitist academics (mostly leftists) characterizing anyone who disagrees with their perspective as "anti-intellectual." (Here's just one example. More to come on that soon.)

They do this, usually, because it's the only response they can come up with. We see it a lot in public policy debates and also in perspectives on American history.

So here's a great example of why more and more Americans distrust self-proclaimed "experts" - the self-righteous intelligentsia among us - particularly when those "experts" also have a very obvious political agenda attached to their "expertise":

Currently there's a huge fraud being perpetrated about man-made global warming--or, since the "warming" thing ain't exactly selling--"climate change." During the 1970's, the Chicken Little experts were clucking about the coming ice-age. Walter Cronkite (the "most trusted man in America") was one of the cluckers:

So remember the "intellectual" among us who have embraced the ice age, the big freeze, global warming, climate-change fraud the next time you're accused of being "anti-intellectual" by some elitist who thinks his/her perspective is superior to yours. This image should help:


ropelight said...

Belly shaking humor aside, no better shoe apropos of rampant Anti-Intellectualism fits the academic and political left's 2 left feet quite so nicely as the idiot claim that Global (Cooling, Warming, Change) represents settled science.

Steeled Science indeed! At its core, the very notion is anti-intellectual - dogma is settled, science is always subject to verification, it grows and evolves as new information is confirmed and duplicated by independent researchers.

About the only aspect of the Climate Change controversy that's actually settled is that advocates have been caught (again and again) fudging the data, manufacturing trends that don't exist, conspiring to suppress the academic freedom of critics, and confidently publicizing (decidedly self-serving) predictions of impending catastrophe, which of course never seem to materialize.

And, all the while, surprise - surprise, these same Chicken Little quacks have their greedy snouts buried deep in the public trough.

For over 40 years now the academic and political establishment's Climate Change charlatans have used the public schools along with the national media in an effort to conger up enough faux thunder and lightening to stampede a frightened taxpaying public into buying a very expensive and highly toxic brand of snake oil.

Climate Change sure as hell ain't science and the issue is far from settled. Caveat emptor.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

"the idiot claim that Global (Cooling, Warming, Change) represents settled science."

Correct. The only thing "settled" about it is the fact it's a leftist scheme to control more of our lives and take more of our money.

DT said...

SIR You are posting FAKE covers of TIME magazine. In 1973 there was never EVER cover of time magazine talking about the BIG Freeze. In fact 1972-73 winter was referred to as the biggest SNOWLESS winter EVER over the eastern US with record warm temps.

I know this because I am meteorologist located here in VA. It is laughable and most revealing about your truthfuleness and integrity that a Neo confederate piece of shit like you could CLAIM to be a DTwxrsjhistorian but yet would INTENTIONALLY posted a fake altered photo shopped cover of Time magazine

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

DT - normally, I would simply delete someone whose vocabulary is so lacking and displays such ignorance. However, your comment provides a teachable moment. First, regarding the 1973 and 1977 Time covers, you are either ignorant or a liar. You can go to Time's website and see the covers for yourself, though I doubt you're really interested in the facts.


Moreover, both Time and Newsweek made claims in the 1970's about "the coming ice age." See: http://content.time.com/time/magazine/article/0,9171,944914,00.html

and "global cooling." See: http://www.denisdutton.com/cooling_world.htm

And, regarding "facts", I make no claim of being a historian. Please find any such claim by me on this blog. Go ahead, waste hours if you like. You're obviously good at wasting time.

Secondly, you obviously don't know what you're talking about when it comes to the term "Neo-Confederate." That term has been thrown about so recklessly and frequently that's it's lost any real meaning and, in your world of ignorance, applies to someone who simply honors the sacrifice of Americans who died for their homes. Frankly, I could not care less what you think.

And, lastly, since you posted your vulgar insults anonymously, I have to conclude you're a coward.

One more thing - your syntax and punctuation need some serious work.