26 March 2015

The Southern Cross and The R.E. Lee Soldier's Home

The ongoing debate over flying the Confederate flag at the Old Soldier's Home in Richmond has morphed into an SNL type comedy skit - on both sides. I have no interest in either of the current arguments' manifestation as I find much of these representative arguments petty, silly and embarrassing.

But one fact is not arguable, the veterans who lived at the home held the Southern Cross in great honor and respect - whether the current "defenders" or "attackers" do or not. The image below says it all. One should note two things: 

1.) the flag pole in front and center of Fleming Hall is devoid of any flag.

2.) yet there are multiple CBF's being proudly held by the gathering of men who actually fought under the CBF. I count around 20 that can be seen. These men did not "furl the banner."

And you gotta love this one - note the spittoon and the stacked rifles on the wall:


Unknown said...

I live about twenty blocks west of the VMFA and it's sublime collection. My commute takes me past the Flaggers on one side and the anti-abortion dude on the south side of Grove Avenue. Always give the Flaggers a beep. My buddy's mother is a bigwig with the UDC and those ladies don't have any use for the demonstrations.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I think the demonstrations are counter-productive.

Ralph Steel said...

These men did furl their original banners at the end of the war when they surrendered. In the photo it looks like they are waving stick flags of some type probably given to them just for the picture.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yes Ralph, that was to be expected. You're missing the point (or dodging it), that they still reverenced and celebrated the flag. Yes, I'm sure those are fake beards for props too. That must be a heckuva stick for that flag on the wall.

Jessie A. Sanford said...

Mr Williams
Sometimes folks need to express their frustration of not being able to voice their opposition to changes that they don't agree with. Flagging "in their words" is their way to express their displeasure of current events. Its folks like Mr. Steel that galls them, we as Southerns are fully aware that our forefathers lost the war and we as their descendants are forever having to be held accountable even though for 150 years we have fought for and protected this country we call the USA.
Jessie Sanford

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I understand that Mr. Sanford, but my criticism stands. While I realize "some" of the flaggers have their hearts in the right place, I must point out they often place their heads where God never intended.

I think their demonstrations are ultimately counter-productive and often buffoonish.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

BTW, I do believe that raising and flying the flags on private property, prominently displayed is one of the best responses to this issue. But I also believe the flags should be rotated - the Southern Cross, the Bonnie Blue, etc. Plaques good be mounted at the flag sites, giving the historical significance of each flag.

jessie sanford said...

Yes sir, I agree with you I fly the CBF, 1st,2,3 National the Bonnie Blue and the Mississippi State flag on 4 flag poles on which I rotate the Confederate flags.

I am lead to believe the flaggers will talk to and explain to anyone about their actions. As for those who do not have their heads in the right place all I can say is that I will pray for them to get right.

Thank you for a wonderful blog site and your balanced approach to Confederate history.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thank you Mr. Sanford.