04 April 2015

2015 Speaker's Roster For the Rockbridge Civil War Roundtable

Engraving of Lexington, Virginia by Casimir Bohn showing the campus of Virginia Military Institute circa 1857.

The Rockbridge (County) Civil War Roundtable is probably one of the best and most active
Civil War related organizations in Virginia. Their meetings - held on the VMI Campus - are always well-attended with lively audience participation. I've had the pleasure of speaking to the group twice thus far. Here's the lineup for the 2015 Speaker's Schedule:

  • January 21- Dr. Barton Myers- "Partisan Rangers- The Confederacy's Authorized Guerilla Service"
  • February 18- Meeting Cancelled due to inclement weather
  • March 18- Dennis Wood- "The Irish in the Civil War"
  • April 15- Dr. Holt Merchant-" Laurence H. Keitt0South Carolina Fire Eater"
  • May 20- Dr. Irvin Hess-" The Impact of 'The Burning' on Shenandoah Families
  • June 17- Richard Williams- "The Battle of Waynesboro"
  • July/August- On Summer Furlough
  • September 16-Bob O'Connor- "James E. Hanger-First Confederate Amputee and his Prosthetic Legacy"
  • October 21- Brian Wills- "Nathan Bedford Forrest"
  • November 18-John V. Quarstein- "The Capture of Fort Fisher"
  • December 16-"Col. Keith Gibson-"175 Years of VMI History"
As you'll notice, I'll be speaking in June on the Battle of Waynesboro. Several of the other topics intrigue me and I hope to attend those as well, including: Dr. Hess's talk on Sheridan's burning of the Shenandoah Valley, Professor Wills' talk on Nathan Bedford Forrest and Colonel Gibson's talk on VMI. I'm sure all of the talks would be well worth taking the time to attend.

For more details, email Mr. Leon Johenning, President of the RCWT  @ lcjmfg@aol.com


jessie sanford said...

Congratulations I look forward to seeing your presentation on the web.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks. Always enjoy the RCWRT.