08 April 2015

C.S. Lewis On Chrolological Snobbery

C. S. Lewis
Which applies to trendy fads in modern historiography:
…the uncritical acceptance of the intellectual climate common [groupthink] to our own age and the assumption that whatever has gone out of date is on that account discredited…
Similar to what Professor Gordon S. Wood has lately noted:
"much of their history is fragmentary and essentially anachronistic—condemning the past for not being more like the present."
Moderns: mortally infected with narcissism and intellectual blindness/dishonesty brought on by their own self-proclaimed moral superiority; and that being born of their own insecurity.


E.J. DAgrosa said...

I read one of Prof. Wood's essays in his book "The Purpose of the Past", I believe was the title in which he took to task, quite nicely I might add the historians who focus solely on race, class, and gender.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yes, I've read the same essay. Spot on.