10 April 2015

Gone History Huntin'

Somewhere near Culpeper, Virginia, just after sunrise, Nov. 2014
By the time this posts Friday, I'll be in the Culpeper, Virginia area for a three day Civil War relic hunt beginning on Friday morning. I will try to post a few pics while "in the field." For 2 (I'll only be there the first two) days and approximately 12 hours each day, I'll be walking, swinging a metal detector, and digging lots of holes. I will be plum worn out by Saturday night. This year, temperatures are predicted to be in the low 70's to low 80's - lots of sweating. But I've been preparing. I've dropped a few pounds, have been exercising more, and getting all my gear ready. I've also stocked up on the Aleve - I'm gonna need it. ;o) I've been looking forward to this event for many weeks now and hope to return Saturday night with some interesting stories, photos, and videos to share.

This particular site is rumored to be a "virgin" site when it comes to organized hunts. We shall see. This is an absolutely phenomenal way to put a cap on the Civil War Sesquicentennial. Wish me happy huntin'!


Chris Johnson said...

Ready for a full report on your weekend and much luck to you...

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Not a whole lot to report, unfortunately. I did make a few finds which I will post about soon. Very tough hunting. The relics were there, just very scattered and lots of brush to try to pick through. I still had a great time, nonetheless.