01 April 2015

The Confederacy No Longer Exists - Except In The Minds Of Some

Professor Brooks Simpson correctly points out that ". . . the Confederacy doesn’t actually exist any more except in the minds of people such as" - Simpson then goes on to name some exceptions. I would like to note one other exception that Simpson missed who apparently also believes the Confederacy still exists: the Guru of many progressive leaning Civil War historians, Professor David Blight, who has written:

Why doesn't the Confederacy just fade away? Is it because we are irresistibly fascinated by catastrophic loss? Or is it something else? Is it because the Confederacy is to this day the greatest conservative resistance to federal authority in American history?
So, just to be "fair and balanced", it's not just some whacko birds in the "Confederate heritage" movement who believe the Confederacy still exists. And it's not just that same crowd who focuses on the political aspects of competing perspectives.


But, thank God, the American South does still exist. And will for the foreseeable future.


ropelight said...

Reading from Professor Simpson's linked site, one thought suggested itself more than others: he doth protest too much.

Simpson betrays himself, his condescending animosity and overly repetitive resort to sarcastic characterization reveals a hateful predilection at work. He's lost his way if not his balance.

A poisonous obsession has apparently taken root so deep in his gut that not even academic pretense can quiet the inclination to rage.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Yes, his "obsession" is quite palpable, isn't it? Seems rather strange for a university professor.