27 April 2015

Where Is Hate, Intolerance & Violence Gaining Ground?

While many academic historians and academic oriented Civil War bloggers are busy chasing inconsequential "neo-Confederates" and the evil Founding Fathers all over the internet, they are ignoring a real problem right under their noses. Why?
The campus is only the latest to be troubled by antisemitic vandalism, and the second in California recently. Three months ago, swastikas were discovered on a Jewish fraternity house at UC Davis, just after that campus voted to divest from Israel.
Story here. As I posed the question in a somewhat related post, I ask again: From where and from whom are students acquiring these attitudes and belief systems? The very institution that claims to be the most tolerant seems to becoming increasingly intolerant - and violent. Surreal, isn't it? Not to mention quite revealing.

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