13 May 2015

A Sad Passing

George Hawke
My hometown of Waynesboro, Virginia has lost a great asset. Local historian George Hawke, who wrote and published a two-volume history of Waynesboro, passed away last week at the ripe old age of 93. Mr. Hawke's research was most helpful when I was writing The Battle of Waynesboro. His unpublished manuscript about Waynesboro native and privateer Hugh Gallaher, proved invaluable to my book. He was most gracious in allowing me to use and quote as much as I needed from his research. He will be missed, but leaves a wonderful legacy of preserving the history of the city he came to love so much.

From the News-Virginian obituary:
George Robert Hawke, 93, of 815 W. 11th St., passed away Wednesday, May 6, 2015, at Augusta Health. . . . Mr. Hawke was Past Secretary of the Waynesboro Evening Kiwanis Club, a former Chairman and lifetime member of the Waynesboro Historical Commission, a volunteer with the Rockfish Gap Visitors Center, author of two books titled A History of Waynesboro, a member of the Waynesboro Heritage Museum and worked with the Plumb House Restoration Group.

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