01 May 2015

Lee Chapel Has Moved To Richmond

Update #2: Kevin has now corrected the word use error I pointed out. You're welcome Kevin. Be sure and let us "ground maintenance" peasants know if you should need any further assistance. 

Update: For what it's worth, Kevin blames this all on "So many flags have been removed from various Confederate heritage sites that I apparently mixed them up today." Yes, I'm sure all that giddiness and celebration is bound to cause confusion. [End of update.]

Wow. That must have been quite an engineering marvel. Does Washington & Lee know this has happened?

For those who might not know, the chapel being referred to here is actually known as Confederate Memorial Chapel. Lee Chapel is in Lexington. Confederate Memorial Chapel is in Richmond. (Yankees often get confused about these things.) But it would appear fact-checking took a back seat to the snarky, emotional, celebratory announcement. And as of Noon today, readers of the post would have realized that none of the expert historians even noticed. You just can't make this stuff up.
I sure am glad the educated among us are keeping a sharp eye on those dumb Southern heritage types who are (according to one commenter), still "
extremely good at putting in man hours for volunteer work, such as ground maintenance." Good Lord.

(And that would be "affected", not "effected." Affect is a verb, effect is a noun.)

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