24 May 2015

Some Interesting Stats & Views on Homeschooling

New data released by the U.S. Department of Education shows that the more educated parents are, the more likely they are to homeschool their children. [How ironic.]
And this observation:
This growth confirms what we are seeing at HSLDA as well. Homeschooling will continue to grow as more parents are being exposed to the possibility and benefits of homeschooling. The major reasons people are choosing home schooling is that the primary competition to home schooling – public schools – is continuing to look less desirable. Violence at schools, bullying, academic digression, and social activism is increasing rather than decreasing, and more and more parents have come to the resolve that they simply can’t subject their children to this environment. Until these issues are addressed and get reversed, home schooling will continue to grow.
And . . .
“Among the top ones are children who are independent thinkers and have not been indoctrinated by the concept of institutional education . . .
And . . .
“Homeschooling has continued to grow more and more popular because the socialist agenda in schools to dumb down our society for the purposes of control has become more and more visible to parents,” Gerwitz adds. “They may not know why the schools are not working for their children, but parents can recognize failure when they see it.”
Isn't it interesting that parents can recognize the failure but the self-proclaimed "experts' can't. More here.

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