06 May 2015

The Drums of War

Fellow author Micheal Aubrecht has posted an interesting piece about drummer boys in the Civil War. Quoting historian Glenn Williams, Michael notes:
“Civil War drummers were on average about 18 years old. In fact, the Union Army tightened restrictions on age limits during the war, but there were still notable exceptions like Charles “Charley” King, who, at the age of 13, earned the somewhat dubious distinction of becoming the youngest soldier killed during the Civil War after he was mortally wounded during the Battle of Antietam, Md. Although King, who served in Company F, 49th Pennsylvania Infantry, was assigned to the rear to help with the wounded during the battle, a Confederate shell overshot the lines and struck him. He died three days later.”
Worth your time to read this interesting and often overlooked consideration of these young soldiers. Full post here.

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