14 May 2015

Waynesboro, Virginia Then & Now

The first image is what my great-grandfather, Charles McGann, would have seen when he was 10 years old looking east down Main Street in Waynesboro, Virginia. My great-grandfather walked these streets many times as a young man, as did my grandmother, my father and, as I did. Where you see the animal standing farthest away is about where Colonel William Harman was killed by Yankee soldiers during the Battle of Waynesboro. The mountains beyond are the northern side of Rockfish Gap, through which Union General Sheridan passed en route to his James River Campaign and, ultimately, Appomattox. And to the right (South) of the Gap is the Crozet Tunnel through which Stonewall Jackson marched and through which I, along with some high school buddies, twice hiked (illegally) in the '70's. Work is now underway to convert the tunnel into a public bike path.

Image courtesy of Waynesboro Heritage Foundation.

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