15 June 2015

More Anecdotal Evidence for Delusional Academics & Civil War Bloggers Who Poo-Poo Political Correctness

*Update: Thomas Sowell nails it with the PC nonsense related to this same incident:
Academic administrators have all too often taken the well-worn path of least resistance, by regarding the most trivial, or even silly, claims of victimhood with great seriousness . . .
To accuse people of aggression for not marching in lockstep with political correctness is to set the stage for justifying real aggression against them. [That observation gets to the crux of the PC movement.]
Word games are just one of the ways of silencing politically incorrect ideas, instead of debating them.
In a sense, the political left’s attempts to silence ideas they cannot, or will not, debate are a confession of intellectual bankruptcy. But this is just one of the left’s ever-increasing restrictions on other people’s freedom to live their lives as they see fit, rather than as their betters tell them.
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End of update.

A University considers these phrases "unacceptable":
  • “America is the land of opportunity.”
  • “I believe the most qualified person should get the job.”
  • “Everyone can succeed in this society, if they work hard enough.”
  • “Where are you from or where were you born?”
The PC deniers within academia are either cowards or just plain stupid. I simply don't how one can come to any other conclusion. If you do, please explain.

More here from the College Fix - which is student led and published.

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