27 July 2015

PC Run Amok

A somewhat popular Civil War blogger has, on more than one occasion, poo-pooed political correctness - most likely because he's up to his neck in it. I suppose after you're surrounded by crap for a long time, the smell becomes unnoticeable. 

But not everyone in academia can ignore the current PC madness and continue to look themselves in the mirror. For example, the latest:
Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson are out. Too much racial baggage.
Harry S. Truman is in. So are others to be named later.

The latest wave of discarding symbols of America’s unpleasant racial history has hit the Jefferson-Jackson dinner circuit. State Democratic parties for years have routinely used such events named for the party icons to raise big money and attract big names. They’re often been known as Jefferson-Jackson dinners in honor of the former presidents.
Harry Truman? Uh, wasn't he a member of the KKK? Ah, and wait until all of these moronic politicians discover Abraham Lincoln's "baggage." That's going to really throw them. Then again, since they don't put much thought into all this anyway, maybe not. After all, it's activist "historians" providing them with "intellectual" cover. So they just refer back to their supporters and fellow agitators for support. But at least one academic has had enough:
“It’s extraordinary Democrats would go this far,” said Gary Rose, a professor of politics at Sacred Heart University in Fairfield, Conn. “It’s political correctness run amok.” 
"PC run amok"? Yes. PC is - by it's very nature - already "amok." "Go this far"? Ha - they're just getting started! Of course, the "me too, me too" idiots in the Republican Party aren't far behind. What a circus of absolute morons all brought to us by the activist historians and their soul-mates in politics. How utterly embarrassing.

The one positive from all this is the fact that many more in the general public are seeing the "historians" supporting all this for what they really are. It's just further eroding their credibility - as if they had much left anyway. To their own peril, they read all the positive press about this, listen to the clowns in elected office, get the affirming nods of approval from their peers and then assume this is majority opinion and that the average Joe on the street agrees with them - or even cares. They all live in a huge echo chamber and their confidence is just the consequences of their "incestuous conversations." And we all know the results of incest, don't we?

But just remember, it's not history, it's agitating and activism.

Source. Hat tip to Robert Moore.

And, in related news . . . 

Christian leaders – including an 89-year-old bishop – have taken to the streets of eastern China to protest against an “evil” campaign to remove crosses that many see as a coordinated Communist party attack on their faith.

Activists say more than 1,200 crosses have been stripped from churches in Zhejiang province since the government initiative began in late 2013. There has been a spike in such actions in recent weeks.

One church leader, whose name is being withheld to protect him from retaliation, said authorities were attempting to transform Christianity “into a tool that serves the party”.
“What they are doing feels like something from the Cultural Revolution era,” he complained, referring to the period in the 1960s when churches and temples were ransacked and destroyed by Chairman Mao’s Red Guards.

No, I'm not equating the Christian cross with Confederate monuments. However, one can't help but noting the similarities as many Southerners view the calls to remove monuments as an "attack on their region and heritage" - not to mention the history. And this concern has moved way beyond the "heritage crowd."

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