18 July 2015

Red Herrings & Straw Men Abound . . .

. . . when it comes to much of what we're reading about the Confederate flag and Confederate monuments. 

Where does one even start when it comes to the tidal wave of lies, deceit, half-truths and agenda-driven, sociologists posing as historians who continue to agitate, divide and twist the views of others so as to support their true position: self-righteous moral critic and reformer? The ongoing, Orwellian-like nonsense you can read on a number of blogs and websites is the same, tired old arguments (now on steroids) repeated over and over and over again.

I used to believe that these bloggers and historians were simply misguided and misinformed - useful idiots, if you please (many of them anyway). But that is no longer the case. They may be "misguided" in a broader sense, and they may be idiots in a real sense, but when it comes to what they're writing about history - especially in regards to the current debate - they are intentionally lying and deceiving to advance their own ideology. It's sickening. 

I've already drafted a lengthy post about this whole ongoing debate regarding the CBF and Confederate monuments, but haven't finalized it yet. Every day brings the need to add yet more. But until I do post my comments and thoughts, here are some suggestions refuting many of the misguided arguments presented by others and bringing thoughtful, reasonable, honest, common sense conversation to this whole issue.

Confederate-inspired military service?

Tolerance includes putting up with things you find disagreeable.

Legacy of the Confederacy on military service.

Confederate Culture Wars at the National Cathedral.

Obviously, there is a HUGE gap of understanding between the perspectives represented by the discussions at these links and the ones represented by the "reformer" blogs and websites. I don't thing that gap can be closed. As a matter of fact, I don't think the moral reformers want to close the gap. Agitating and activism is what they're really all about.

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