04 September 2015

I Told You So - The American Flag is "Hate Speech"

According to the UC Irvine Student Government Legislative Council:
In an interview posted on FoxNews.com, political satirist Ami Horowitz interviewed UC Irvine student Matthew Guevara. Guevara explained his resolution, which banned the American flag in some spaces on campus and declared it to represent “hate speech.” “[The American flag] made people feel very uncomfortable and unsafe in that room,” Guevara said. . . . “It was creating a very hostile environment just because of this flag being in the room,” he continued. “It doesn’t make people feel welcome at all to where people wouldn’t go in the space anymore because it was on the wall.”
You'll note that Mr. Guevara's argument is rather similar to one made by a judge in Stuart, Virginia this week about a portrait of Jeb Stuart which formerly hung in his courtroom. Oh, and Mr. Guevara also made the connection to slavery:
He went on to say he would have been as equally uncomfortable with the Nazi or ISIS flag hanging in the room as he was the American flag, adding that the United States is the most evil in the world. Guevara went on to offer his thoughts on other issues, including racism in the United States and said blacks were still enslaved in this country.
See where this is headed? Another victory for the activist historians. Ain't you proud? The low hanging fruit is good, but the real prize is higher. 

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