10 September 2015

"I've Just Come For What Peace I Can Find" ~ My Sense of Place

The Bible has always found its safest repose in the mountains. When the law was given to Moses, the great lawgiver did not make the place of his feet glorious, by descending to the deep and widespread vale, but he stood upon Mount Sinai. The Bible has both a mountain home and a mountain range, and experience has proved that the word of God is hard to drive from the mountains. ~ Anonymous letter to the Lexington (VA) Gazette, 3 March 1859
Born in their shadows, protected by their strength, and my days made richer by their majesty and beauty, I thank God for the place of my birth and the song the Blue Ridge mountains "sing to me." I love this song as it captures the spirit of what I often feel when in the mountains that cradle the Shenandoah Valley.


Betty Giragosian said...

Beautifully expressed.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...