21 October 2015

Challenge Mainstream Orthodoxy

Ernest Hemingway, 1935
Note to would be writers, historians and journalists:
“Never mistake motion for action,” Hemingway once said, and that advice is as compelling today as it was in his time. Furiously tapping out Twitter ripostes and predictable opinions from the comfort of their cubicles, most of today’s journalists [and, I would add, historians] are extremely careful to avoid any encounter that might threaten their physical wellbeing or promote an idea that might challenge mainstream orthodoxy. But they shouldn’t be. Because it is only in those encounters that deeper truths—and bravery and self-reliance—can emerge.
Source: Where Have All the Manly Journalists Gone?

I'll venture an answer: They've been emasculated by academia and our feminized culture.  


Jubilo said...

Dear Old Dom.,
Enjoyable post ! I'm just glad my wife let me take a break from washing the dishes to let me read this.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Ha - what a man!