16 October 2015

Indoctrination or Education?

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Common Core backers are sneaking a social and political agenda into nationalized curriculum, say critics, who now have new ammo in a writing lesson plan for teachers that they say gives a slanted perspective of the gun debate.
A study guide dubbed, "The Battle Over Gun Control," authored by KQED, a northern Californian affiliate of National Public Radio, and the nonprofit, taxpayer-subsidized National Writing Project, states that "moderate gun control" measures introduced following the Sandy Hook school massacre were deep-sixed by the "powerful political influence" of the NRA. Second Amendment advocates say the wording, in supplemental material designed to help teachers plan instruction, frames the debate in a one-sided fashion aimed at influencing young minds. . . .“It’s a shift from teaching fact to teaching attitudes, belief and behavior.”
The open-minded and objective know the answer to my question. And while certain educators and academics can whine and complain all they want about "projected fantasies" on this topic, the empirical evidence reveals conclusively who are the ones actually living in a fantasy world of their own making.


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