13 October 2015

Is This Another Public Education Project?

Back in the summer when we were seeing frequent vandalism of Confederate monuments, one popular Civil War blog featured comments suggesting that perhaps the vandalism was more of a "public education project." In that particular post, there seemed to be a consensus that the vandalism had, in certain cases, "value." The host of this particular blog evidently got some heavy criticism as he later had to walk it back a bit. 

And as I continue to point out, the Confederate symbols are just the low hanging fruit. Such soft attitudes (even if walked back later) toward these criminal acts will only lead to more of the same. Here's the latest example of a "public education project."
a statue of Christopher Columbus in downtown Detroit was vandalized just in time for this year's Columbus Day.
And a statue of Columbus in Byrd Park in Richmond was also recently vandalized.

More here and here.

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