28 October 2015

More Thought Control in Academia & They Must Have Something to Hide

A Fox News producer [Jesse Waters] was ejected off the Cornell University campus recently after he asked students about an analysis that found 96 percent of its faculty’s political donations have gone to Democrats over past four years.
Oh my, you just can't make this stuff up. "Higher education" - the bastion of free thought and expression. BS. This exchange was particularly enlightening:
Jesse: Do you ever feel the professors are pushing a political agenda here?

Student: I’ve got friends who are liberal arts majors –  they write a paper and they bring up a conservative viewpoint, they won’t get a good grade. If I want an A, I tailor my paper to how the professor leans.
As academics foolishly blame the public's perception of their PC groupthink mentality on "projected fantasies", the evidence that they are the ones living in an artificial fantasy world just keeps piling up. Here's the latest.

Project that.

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