25 November 2015

Political Correctness is Dangerous

As are the academic historians and history bloggers who deny it's reality and advance the accompanying agenda.
During his time in NYC Kelly [Police Commissioner Ray Kelly] was instrumental in setting up the Demographics Unit, which later became the Zone Assessment Unit. Kelly insists that the unit’s work was vetted through several high quality lawyers and everything it did was “Constitutional, legal, (and) effective.” That didn’t stop the Left-leaning NY Times from attacking it, nor did it stop current mayor Bill de Blasio making it into a campaign issue.

Kelly blames purely political concerns for the closing of the highly effective unit that helped keep NYC safe for years. Mayor Bill de Blasio shut down the unit early in his term; however, Kelly said given recent events in the world de Blasio now seems to be talking tougher on terrorism – most likely out of political experience, as opposed to conviction.
Deal with it.


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