08 December 2015

Academia's War on Christmas

Yet another example of academia's extremist PC culture, courtesy of a "directive" from the University of Tennessee:
The directive — entitled “Best Practices for Inclusive Holiday Celebrations in the Workplace” — instructed students and staff on how to effectively avoid the travesty of hosting a not very inclusive “holiday” party. These steps for ensuring an adequately diverse event include: “Refreshment selection should be general, not specific to any religion or culture” and “Holiday parties should not play games with religious or cultural themes,” such as “Dreidel” and “Secret Santa.”
Can you believe these nutty control freaks? The writer at The Daily Caller piece notes:

The P.C. crowd certainly has a reputation for being anti-fun, and this effort only solidifies that image.
That image was solidified a long time ago. The PC crowd in academia has become a laughing stock, as have the history bloggers who deny their very existence.

I'm thinking about enrolling in college just so I can get kicked out.

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Michael Bradley said...

The president of the U. of Tennessee today announced that the guidelines had been removed from the website and that the university has "taken over" the site previously used by the Office of Diversity.

Common sense seems to have arrived, thanks to a load of political pressure.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks Professor - good to know there's some sanity left. I believe the stage legislature introduced a bill to cut off funding from that office. Even socialists understand money - when it impacts them. ☺