11 December 2015

Political Correctness Can Be Deadly

So you academics keep spewing your childish denials. 

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ropelight said...

Daja vu all over again. I was only 14 years ago...another federal agency stopped another investigation that could have prevented a terrorist attack.

If Bill Clinton's Assistant Attorney General, Jamie Gorelick, hadn't built an artificial wall between FBI investigations and enforcement the 9/11 hijackers wouldn't have been able to bring down the Twin Towers.

Worse, she was later appointed to the 9/11 Commission to investigate the terror attack and spent her time squashing any inquiry into her role in official acts of ignoring advance warnings.

It wasn't till new AG John Ashcroft declassified Gorelick's Wall Memo that other members of the Commission found out she was the author of the idiot procedure that kept one of law enforcement's hands from knowing what the other hand was doing.

Which is exactly what allowed the 9/11 terrorists to carry out their barbaric attack even though the plans were on Zacharia Moussaoui's laptop which was in the possession of the FBI - Gorelick's Wall prevented the FBI from stopping the worst terrorist attack, nearly 3000 dead, in American history. And, now it's happened again.