12 December 2015

Political Correctness For the Academically Challenged

As I've mentioned before, those denying the seriousness (and even the reality) of political correctness typically fall into one of 3 categories:
  1. Academics
  2. Politicians and bureaucrats
  3. Leftist media types
And there are an equal number of reasons any member of these groups are in denial about PC:
  1. They are heavily invested in PC and it gives them power
  2. They're ignorant about PC and are simply useful idiots
  3. They're aware and oppose it, but are afraid to speak out for fear of reprisals
Most of the first list would fall into the #1 category of the 2nd list. I am most interested in academics because academia has long claimed to be the guardian and bastion of free thought, expression and speech. That claim is now laughable and demonstrably false. 

But not to fear, I've been asked to share a graphic that very clearly explains PC's history and it's impact in academia. Though the graphic is great, it doesn't explain the ideology behind political correctness. For brevity's sake one only needs to understand that the underlying ideology of PC is Marxism. 

One aspect of the chart that needs correcting is the "old" vs. "new" comparisons. By reading the chart, one might think they are vastly different. They are not. The new would have never emerged were it not for the old. The old was the silly baby, the new is the crazy adult. I would also take issue with the fact that the old was just about "hate speech", was "fundamentally inclusive" and sought "consensus." That was all a masquerade paving the way for the new. And the new, while aggressively being pursued and policed by students, is still receiving an approving wink and nod from professors and administrators. A good analogy  would be Frankenstein. The monster is now cannibalizing its creators.

Political Correctness on Campus
Source: BachelorsDegreeCenter.org

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