16 December 2015

Relic Hunting Post #139 - Roman Sword on Oak Island?

If this is legitimate, this is a big deal.
The discoveries could cast new light on the mystery of Oak Island which is currently the focus of a centuries-old treasure hunt centering on a 230ft deep booby-trapped shaft known as the ‘money pit’. 

The History Channel’s series Curse of Oak Island, now in its third season, follows the Lagina brothers as they attempt to discover the island’s long-held secret.

Now lead researcher and historic investigator J. Hutton Pulitzer, who also stars in the show, has put a large white paper together with a group of academics from the AAPS (Ancient Artifact Preservation Society).

The main discoveries include a Roman sword found submerged just off Oak Island - and what is believed to be a Roman shipwreck.

Read the amazing story here.

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