17 December 2015

"The Constitution should be one big safe space."

Slaveowners wrote the first amendment - so let's repeal it. Maybe I should have titled this post: "Academia to Remove 1st Amendment."

Academia's best and brightest. I wonder where they get such ideas? [Trigger warning] God help us.

And in other news . . . I have several articles in the hopper for various publications. One popular WBTS internet site will publish one of them soon. The venue for that piece will probably surprise some readers. 

I also hope to make an exciting (at least to me) announcement after the first of the year in regards to my writing career and yet another announcement soon in regards to my blogging here (and other work) as it has related to the WBTS and the Sesquicentennial. Lots of things happening behind the scenes here at Old Virginia Blog. Stay tuned and Merry Christmas!

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