22 January 2016

A Pubic School Teacher Believes I'm "On to Something"

In recent weeks, I've had the privilege of contributing 2 posts to the Emerging Civil War blog. Professor Chris Mackowski and the rest of the folks at ECW have a GREAT blog and offer some diverse opinions and perspectives. I've found their overall approach to the study of the WBTS very balanced. It is quite refreshing from the standard fare one sees on many popular Civil War blogs. The conversations there have thus far been lively, but civil.

Today, Chris posted some very intriguing comments he received from a public school teacher. In those comments, this gentleman had this to say about my blog:
Please indulge me here; my family fought for the Union, I am a military veteran , and I teach inner city public school in Atlantic City; ergo, I have a bit of cachet to write this. . . . I was struck by Richard Williams’ (Old Virginia Blog), use of the terms, ‘virtue-signalling’ and ‘presentism’ as revealed in the context mentioned above. He’s on to something.
If you'll take the time to read this teacher's comments I believe you'll come to the conclusion that he, too, is "on to something."

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