29 January 2016

Amazing Drone Footage

Of the first school exclusively for African-American girls, now abandoned . . . 
In 1899, a school named St. Francis de Sales was opened in Powhatan County along the banks of the James River. This school was unlike any that the nation, and certainly the south, had ever seen. Founded by a Catholic nun from Pennsylvania, the school was the first of its kind – a prestigious high school intended exclusively for African American girls. The school remained open for 70 years, offering education and hope to thousands of young girls.



Al&Bea said...

Fascinating. What happened to the facility after it was closed? I can't believe it was just abandoned with a site like that.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

If you'll read the source info, it gives some further details. Beyond that, I don't know anything. Thanks for reading!