23 January 2016

Statues & Heroes

Some thoughts from across the pond. Seems like the moral reformers are quite active in jolly ol' England as well . . .

Hat tip to David Corbett.


Mark Snell said...

You are going to cringe when you read about this statue removal in the state just south of you: http://www.mrctv.org/blog/

Where do we draw the line? Arlington Cemetery is tax-payer funded yet every grave stone has either a Cross, Star of David, Crescent or some other symbol of faith. I even saw one with the Wiccan symbol. Every American cemetery overseas (administered by the ABMC) has a Christian chapel located within the grounds, but inside the chapel other faiths are represented. And here in Gettysburg, one of the most popular memorials, dedicated to the New York regiments of the Irish Brigade, has a Celtic Cross as its main component. Oh, and since I am not Catholic, I should be offended every time I drive by the statue of Father Corby as he gives final absolution to his men, etc., etc.

Now, I am not trying to goad some of your more cynical readers into a philosophical debate on this topic, because I won't respond. As taxpayers, why should community members have to fund the defense of such ridiculous lawsuits when the money could be spent for more urgent things, such as snow removal. ;-)

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Mark - that link doesn't work. What statue did the article refer to? BTW, how's the book coming?

Mark Snell said...

It referred to a fallen hero memorial in a small NC town (can't remember which one) that showed a soldier kneeling by a fallen comrade's grave marked with a cross. An atheist organization threatened to file a lawsuit and the spineless town officials ordered the memorial to be removed.

The first book, _My Gettysburg: Meditations on History and Place_, is complete--images, captions, permissions and all. Waiting for the galley proofs. Still working on _Gettysburg's Other Battle: The Ordeal of an American Shrine during the First World War_. I hope to have it completed and off to the publisher by April. Both are being published by Kent State University Press.

Thirty inches of snow here in Gettysburg. Feels more like Valley Forge.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Mark: Oh yes, I heard about that. No surprise. The ACLU types, with their deep pockets, usually just has to threaten a suit and bureaucrats, with no stomach or bank account for a fight, fold. It's despicable. More PC crap.

I'm looking forward to the book(s).

After researching 3 potential topics for my next book, and vacillating between those topics, I've finally made a decision and am passionate about it. I'll be discussing it in the months to come.