06 January 2016

Will 2016 See the End of PC Denials From Civil War Bloggers?

I doubt it. The ones making the denials have too much invested at this point. They'd have to admit (Oh my!) the error of their ways and I can assure you, that AIN'T gonna happen. But one of the biggest leftists in the United States has even had too much of the Political Correctness Virus - Norman Lear.
Though prolific producer Norman Lear called this the Golden Age of television, he also thinks what we’re seeing on the small screen these days is too politically correct. [Source.]
Yes, I know, this involves TV and not, specifically, historical analysis and writing. But the denials have not always been history specific, so the point stands.

Actually, I hope the deniers keep it up as it tells us much about them. 

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