19 February 2016

Levin Launches TV Show

No, not that Levin. And he'll be discussing, on a nightly basis, philosophy, history, politics and current events. I think I'll give it a try. As I've been a ROKU customer for several years now (and LOVE it), I'm glad to see the show will be available on my ROKU player. Enjoy the preview. Gotta love the studio/office.

As an aside, I definitely believe that streaming over the internet is the future of television. I've never been a cable or "Dish" subscriber but I've had a ROKU player for quite some time, and just recently purchased an Insignia ROKU TV for another room in my home. It's quite amazing. I like it better than my Sony, which cost 3 times as much. And I absolutely love the cafeteria style viewing ROKU offers - over 2500 channels. I believe we're going to see more and more shows like Levin's: Subscription based, commercial free and targeting a more specific demographic. This would be a great platform for historians and writers to deliver content as well.

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