18 March 2016

A Yeoman's Primer on the Trump Phenomenon: Look at Josey Wales

I'm a bit surprised it took this long for the Civil War blogosphere to jump into the Presidential campaign, though I'm not surprised at the source.

Let me offer a very simple explanation of the Trump phenomenon:

There's a strong dynamic now working in Trump's favor that may be almost impossible to overcome. All the establishment powers in the media (which everyone hates), the political establishment (which everyone hates), and much of the corporate establishment (which almost everyone hates) are seen as "piling on" against Trump. They're also seen as elitist and illegitimate critics who are all responsible for our current mess. They have ZERO credibility with the average working American.

This is why every time these 3 groups criticize Trump (even when it's legitimate), the criticism only bolsters his strength and his poll numbers go up. In other words, if they don't attack him, he gets stronger. If they DO attack him, he gets stronger. It's a lose/lose position for them. They can't win.

Also, if one of the other candidates would have gotten out in front of the 4 issues driving his popularity, early and loud like he did, then the whole story would be different. Those issues are:

1. Opposing an interventionist foreign policy where we spill American blood for no good reason.

2. Opposing illegal AND legal immigration, due to the fact these are both taking jobs from American citizens and stagnating wages.

 3."Free-Trade" that really isn't free, which sends our high paying jobs over seas while we import inferior products (i.e., Catfish farmers in the deep South who have to follow all the FDA rules while grocery stores can import from China where catfish are raised in contaminated water and NOT subject to the same standards as American farmers.) That's free trade?

4. Trump's refusal to bow to political correctness. Yes, this also makes him rather brash and offensive, but in a kind of Josey Wales "how is it on stains" type of way that some folks find attractive.

It's all very fundamental and very basic. It's real world stuff. Reagan (though certainly very different and more principled) won with similar tactics. 3 or 4 strong positions. Keep it simple. Ignore the critics. Don't back down and don't apologize. Spit in their eye.

If ANY of the other candidates had done this and done it first, Trump would be out of the race. The marketplace rules and it's ruling.

A lot of folks may not like it, but that's the way it is.

I will soon (hopefully this weekend) begin to duplicate everything posted here at the new site/blog. I'll do so until the new site is fully functional and all links, etc. are updated. I'll also keep this blog active for some time until most folks are visiting the new site.


Pam in Virginia said...

Hello, Mr. Williams!

You have nailed the Trump phenomenon! I very much enjoy your blog. There are now VERY strong murmurs from the Charlottesville, Virginia City Council (I live in Albemarle County) about removing the downtown statue of General Lee and Traveller. Luckily, almost all of the comments from locals seem to be in favor of keeping it, so we shall see.


Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Hello Pam. That is not necessarily an endorsement of Mr. Trump - just an explanation. Yes, I'm surprised it's taken that long for the Lee statue in Charlottesville. Despite local support, I wouldn't be surprised if it's moved anyway. As evidenced by the current political environment, these folks have concerns more important to them than the desires of the people they represent. Thanks for reading and for taking the time to comment.