14 March 2016

New Platform Update

Update: The new site will have a new name: The Virginia Yeoman. Thanks for all the suggestions. This name is perfect for a number of reasons, which I'll get into soon with some posts.

Transitioning to the new platform is slow. I've not had as much time to devote to learning the basics of the new site building tools as I'd like. But we'll get there. I'm also seriously considering renaming the site. I've got several ideas, most of which still include "Old Virginia." The new site will remain, primarily, a blog but will involve branding and other projects as well. This is the evolving trend for many writers and it is, in my opinion, a good and necessary one. 

Though I'm close to settling on one of the names rolling around in my head right now, I'm open to suggestions for a new name for the site. If I happen to pick your suggestion, I'll send one of my books as an "award." Thanks!

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