03 March 2016

Next Book Project

I had hoped to be able to make a couple of announcements about some ongoing projects and writing by now, but progress has been slow. I am ready to announce, however, that I'm neck deep into researching and writing my next book. I've not felt as passionate and excited about writing a book since I wrote the story of Stonewall Jackson's black Sunday school class.

Without giving away too much yet, the book will be about the experiences of the descendants of Confederate Veterans; from the 1890's thru today. I don't believe the topic has ever been thoroughly addressed before. I will be more specific and share more details after I've made a bit more progress. If you believe you might have material, photographs, letters, diaries, etc. that could be pertinent, particularly material about your own family, please contact me at mr.rgwilliams_at_gmail.com.


Eddie said...

That book should be quite interesting

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

I believe so. Thanks.