13 April 2016

An Academic Discusses "Infantile Paralysis" in Academia

By whatever popular name the disease operates – “political correctness,” “cultural Marxism,” etc. – the symptoms of this paralysis of the mind are easily spotted: the inability to reason, a resistance to empirically-grounded inquiries into causation, the resort to opinion polls and campus demonstrations as means for validating one’s conclusions, and the replacement of other rigorous forms of intellectual analysis with whimsically-generated “entitlements.” These examples reflect so much of what passes for intelligent life in academia. ~ Butler Shaffer, Professor Emeritus at Southwestern University School of Law
Despite the incessant denials and poo-pooing of PC's reality coming from many historians (further damaging their credibility), most of us realize PC is real and it is harmful. Read the rest here


Al&Bea said...

Hi - Link to "Read theRest" doesn't work - just get a list of the blogs I subscribe to.

However, as far as the basic issue - You have to realize that what we're seeing today is the result of over 20 years of teachers who have "educated" students to extreme liberal views. The core issue is those teachers who received their education at the Teachers' Colleges. These have been hotbeds of extreme liberal thought for decades.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Thanks for the alert on the link. It's been fixed. Oh yes, I understand though I think the "extreme liberal" aspect is systemic through the whole system, most of it anyway.