04 April 2016

Metal Detecting Post #145 - Time Traveling in the Shenandoah Valley

The 1907 V-Nickel (Liberty Nickel) I found last year made the cover of Western and Eastern Treasures Magazine's most recent issue. This issue also features an article by me titled "Time Traveling in the Shenandoah Valley." In that piece, I write about a farm here in the Valley that I've relic hunted for over 5 years. The farm had been in the same family since the 1740's but was recently sold.

I discuss the chronological life of the farm through the 250+ years as documented by the artifacts I recovered, beginning with a 1760's colonial era trade weight all the way up to pre-1965 American silver coins. It was quite a journey - both for the farm as well as myself. Lots of great history and lots of great memories for me.

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