20 April 2016

More Discrimination & Mind Control in Academia

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This is just the latest . . . 
The student–Sarah–is seeking entry into a “teacher-credential program,” and although her academic abilities are “not strong,” the professor recognizes her as “a class leader” with “great energy.” But the professor does not want to write a recommendation because of Sarah’s desire for a concealed carry permit and also because of comments Sarah made about shooting a rifle at a gun range.
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Remember, it's not about "education", it's about politics, indoctrination and mind control, which is why only one perspective on American history is allowed.


Champ said...

Actually it is probably more about lawsuits than politics.

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

No, it's about politics. The professor is anti-gun and makes that very clear. She's allowing her view of gun-rights impact her "objectivity" in recommending a qualified student. That's obvious.

Mark Snell said...

Why hide behind a pseudonym? If she would have used her real name she most definitely would be able to guarantee her tenure. ;-)

What surprised me is that the overwhelming majority of comments were antagonistic towards the professor, considering the clientele who read that journal. But since the article appeared online and is available to anyone, one never knows who the commenters actually are.

Did you notice the professor is a native Virginian? :-D

Richard G. Williams, Jr. said...

Ha! Yes, definitely a resume enhancer. 😜 How goes the book?

Mark Snell said...

One book (_My Gettysburg_) is undergoing final copy edits with the publisher, the other I still am writing, but it is in its final stage. I'll be sending it to the publisher by May 1.